Thanksgiving Pairing Guide

Nov 15, 2022 | Featured

We are lucky to have a plethora of wines that pair remarkably well with the chaos of “The Thanksgiving Plate!” This year we enlisted the help of our resident sommeliers at Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard and Standing Stone Vineyards to work up some pairing suggestions and tasting notes! And though we don’t expect you to pair seven different wines with each separate dish, we created this guide as an exercise in the thought process that goes into matching congruent and complementary flavors, and a demonstration of why our wines are so versatile, agile, and food-friendly. Check out a selection of their recommendations below and when in doubt- you can never go wrong with tried and true Gewürztraminer!

Turkey: Riesling Reserve Dry 2020

Whether you’re roasting or smoking or deep frying your bird, the lighter texture of the meat with the smokiness of the skin will be a nice complement to the richness of the Riesling Reserve Dry. Thigh or leg meat has a higher fat content, and the vibrant acidity of this wine will act as a foil to the meat, elevating the richness and meatiness of the turkey.

Mashed Potato: Chardonnay 2021

The creamy starchy texture of the mashed potatoes, often enriched with butter or cream, needs a punch of acidity to cut through the unctuousness of the texture. The mid-palate of the Chardonnay pleasantly harmonizes with the richness, luxuriousness, and creaminess of this dish, while also providing a bright citrus-focused palate with a plush acidity.

Sweet Potato: Riesling Magdalena Vineyard 2020

The starchy, earthy, and sweet overtones of Sweet Potato will be best partnered with a Riesling that is dry but presents with a fruit-forward character. The Magdalena Vineyard 2020 is exactly what sweet potatoes crave, with a broad mid-palate and a plush opulence that will not be overshadowed by the concentration of flavor and sweetness in sweet potatoes.

Brussel Sprouts: Grüner Veltliner 2021

Grüner is a classic go-to for pairing with all things green. The fruit-driven nature of the 21 Grüner, along with its classic spice profile and a hint of richness, is going make the glazed sprouts course of the meal stand-out to anyone who dismisses sprouts entirely.

Cranberry Sauce: Teinturier Saperavi Dry Rosé 2021

This wine offers a very similar flavor profile to cranberry sauce, with notes of orange peel, citrus fruits, and, surprise! Cranberry. Which is the sauce for the turkey and which is the wine? One of the only roses of Saperavi to be found in the United States, bringing this bottle to your table will be a sure-fire conversation piece.

Gravy: Standing Stone Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon County Line 2020 or Field Red 2021

Made to coat your whole meal, the earthy, and smoky extravagance of pan-drippings gravy deserves a full-bodied red to pair. These two reds have enough acid to cut through the richness of your gravy and their earthy aromas and dark fruit character will be exemplary support to the gravy’s key role in your meal. The Cabernet Sauvignon has been a standout in the tasting since its recent release.

Pumpkin Pie: Cuvée Brut 2017

At this point of the meal why not? Sparkling wine can provide the perfect amount of acidity and brightness to lighten and assuage a wearied palate that a variety of flavors has heretofore assaulted. The elegant mousse of the wine will bring a sharp knife to the richness of pumpkin pie, and some of the toasty, pastry notes of the wine will resonate with the pie crust creating a memorable cap to a glorious Thanksgiving feast!

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