The Grower’s Grapevine Nursery

Our willingness to trial dozens of vinifera cultivars throughout our estate has provided us with a deeper understanding into the suitability and vitality of every clone and rootstock combination we grow.

The Wiemer Vine Nursery opened in 1974. Hermann employed techniques honed at the Bernkastel Experiment Station in the Mosel, where his father was Director. The Nursery helped to populate the vineyards of the region, including our own, with the cool climate vinifera vines that would form the foundation of the Finger Lakes Riesling revolution.

Today, the Nursery has grown to become one of the country’s leading custom grafting facilities with an annual output of more than 300,000 vines. We help thousands of farmers and growers develop tailored solutions to specific vineyard needs. We specialize in cool climate varietals- offering eighteen cultivars and two dozen unique clonal selections. We understand the critical role we play in helping the vineyards we work with realize their site’s full potential. That is why our focus has been and remains supplying the highest quality, custom grafted vinifera material to growers all across the country.

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