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Summer Favorites 3 Pack


For our June 24th Facebook Live


Join Fred & Oskar on Friday, June 24th at 6:00 pm for a virtual food & wine filled evening on Facebook & Instagram Live. The Finger Lakes is a bountiful culinary region surrounded by local farms, talented chefs, and exquisite wines. From Cornell Chicken (a Merwarth family favorite) to Oskar's go-to Toast Skagen (Swedish shrimp toast), there are some foods that just evoke the summer season. We will be focusing on both cooking with fire and refreshing dishes and enlisting the help of local food experts to explore their thoughts on summer food and the wines that shine alongside them. Our selected Summer Favorites 3-pack includes a pre-release of the HJW Vineyard 2020, our fabulously fresh Dry Rosé, and our Cabernet Franc- an absolute winner when it comes to grilled meats and charred veggies. We hope you will tune in! Includes:  2020 Cabernet Franc 2021 Dry Rose 2020 HJW Vineyard Riesling - a pre-release!  Only available in this pack! Add 9 more bottles for a 15% case discount on the additional bottles! A total value of $72.25 - Kabinett discount has already been applied! Add 3-9 more bottles to be eligible for $15 flat rate shipping! *The Summer 3 pack is not eligible for any further discount



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