Dessert Wines

SSV Farm Late Harvest




This wine joins the Farm Series at Standing Stone Vineyards as the first of its kind. This wine is a blend of Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Sereksiya and shows impressive ripeness with each variety contributing unique characteristics to the overall wine. Partially botrytized Riesling lends lush apricot notes. The Gewurztraminer elongates the palate and provides a plush mouthfeel while the high acidity and aromatic qualities of the Sereksiya contribute a floral and fruity character. This is a late harvest style that is quite versatile combining honeyed texture with balanced freshness. 9.1% residual sugar, indigenous yeast fermentation and no fining or filtering agents used.

Technical Information

Residual Sugar9.1
Alcohol by Volume9.4%
Estate VineyardsStanding Stone Stone Vineyards
Varietal Composition60% Riesling, 25% Gewurztraminer & 15% Sereksiya
HarvestOctober 28 & 30
VinificationIndigenous yeast fermentation, no fining or filtering additives