Riesling Lover’s Dream 12 Pack


12 Rieslings


At Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, we are first and foremost a Riesling House. Riesling seems to run through our blood - its diversity a testament to the versatility of the varietal. This is a collection of 12 wines for the true Riesling lover - with Reserve bottlings, Single Vineyards, and flagship wines. Explore our different Terroirs and how each wine is unique! We have also included two Rieslings from our sister winery, Standing Stone Vineyards.  Last, but not least, you'll also find an exclusive Library Vintage Riesling included in this package. Perfect for your oenophile friends or family, or maybe just the perfect treat for yourself this season! The wines in this package have been discounted with the Kabinett Discount! Includes: 2021 Riesling Dry, 2021 Riesling Semi-Dry, 2021 Riesling Late Harvest, 2020 Riesling Magdalena Vineyard, 2020 Riesling Reserve Dry, 2020 Riesling HJW Bio, 2021 Flower Day Riesling, 2020 Riesling HJW Vineyard, 2021 Standing Stone Riesling, 2020 Standing Stone Timeline Riesling, 2013 Library Release Noble Select Riesling Josef Vineyard and our brand new release of the 2017 HJW Bio Barrel Select Riesling - the first we've ever made. A Total Value of $510 - the Kabinett Discount has already been applied *The Riesling Lover's Dream 12 packs are not eligible for any further discount



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