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Chardonnay Spotlight 3 Pack


New Releases for 2023!


Please don't tell us you're an ABC person (you know - Anything But Chardonnay) - after all - Chardonnay is what goes into Blanc de Blanc - and we all love the beautiful sparkling wines produced on the HJW and SSV estates! We're celebrating Chardonnay - it's often one of the first picks during Harvest - and we've put together a 3 pack featuring three brand new releases!!
We have the much missed, and much anticipated release of the 2021 Bio Chardonnay - the last iteration, the 2019 vintage, sold out in a snap! We also have the first ever Barrel Select Chardonnay that we've made from Standing Stone - a wine we're very excited about. Finally, the 2017 Blanc de Blanc - our traditional method, 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine - a perennial favorite here at the winery.  We often find that guests who visit the winery that swear they don't like Chardonnay leave with a bottle or two in hand - we hope you'll enjoy these fine selections.
Includes:  2021 Bio Chardonnay 2021 SSV Barrel Select Chardonnay  2017 Blanc de Blanc Add 9 more bottles for a 15% case discount on the additional bottles! A total value of $119 - the Kabinett discount has been applied! Add 3-9 more bottles to be eligible for the shipping special! *This 3 pack is not eligible for any further discount



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